Vodafone trialling 5G in NZ

27 Mar 2018

Vodafone New Zealand has launched a trial of 5G mobile services in partnership with vendor Nokia. The telco is conducting a ‘Future 5G’ showcase in Auckland, which it is using to demonstrate applications such as low-latency robots, live virtual reality performances, and what it says is ‘the world’s first gaming tournament over 5G’. Vodafone has been trialling 5G using millimetre wave (mmWave) spectrum and it also plans to run tests using 3.5GHz frequencies.

Earlier this month rival operator Spark conducted what it said was the first live trial of 5G technology in New Zealand. A live test site was switched on in Wellington, achieving download speeds of up to 9Gbps. Spark also plans to open a 5G lab in Auckland later this year.

New Zealand, Nokia, Vodafone New Zealand