PT&T signs MoU with TransCo to aid nationwide broadband plan

22 Mar 2018

Philippines telco Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Corp (PT&T) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the National Transmission Corp (TransCo) in order to utilise the latter’s infrastructure and facilities to build a nationwide broadband network, writes ABS CBN News. TransCo, a government-owned company that provides power transmission services across the Philippines, has unused capacity on its fibre-optic cables and PT&T is keen to tap into TransCo’s resources. ‘These cables remain unutilised and can be used by PT&T for the purpose of building a nationwide broadband network’, a company spokesperson told the stock exchange.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology is seeking a third major ISP to challenge the dominant telcos in the broadband sector – PLDT Inc and Globe Telecom – and has said that TransCo’s fibre network would be made available to the successful new player.

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