Ukraine postpones analogue-to-digital TV switch to 2019

16 Mar 2018

The deadline for the disconnection of terrestrial analogue TV broadcasting in Ukraine has once again been postponed, reports An existing switch-off target date of 30 June 2018 has been scrapped, with a new three-stage digital switchover schedule to be implemented from August 2018 to May 2019, the National Council on Television & Radio Broadcasting announced. Under the latest plan, analogue TV signals will be disabled in certain areas in August 2018, before a wider switchover to digital-only services across the country in January 2019 except for certain channels in some border areas and zones in/around Eastern separatist-held regions of Ukraine. The final terrestrial analogue disconnection phase should take place in April-May 2019. The plan awaits final Cabinet approval.

The national switchover to digital terrestrial television (DTT) will free up 800MHz mobile broadband frequencies to expand 4G LTE cellular services. Ukraine’s main mobile operators have recently acquired LTE spectrum for the first time, with 2600MHz LTE services earmarked for launch within a month, and 1800MHz 4G expected in July.