ALIV claims 100,000 subscribers, extends network to Long Island

15 Mar 2018

ALIV, the new Bahamian mobile operator which is co-owned by Cable Bahamas Limited (CBL) and the local government, has announced that its user base has reached 100,000, as it continues its geographic expansion. Damian Blackburn, CEO of ALIV, commented: ‘We promised the people of the Bahamas that we would roll-out the ALIV network out to every single island in the Bahamas, and I am very pleased to report that we are making excellent progress in this regard. In addition to launching in Exuma about ten days ago, we now have the ALIV network up and running on Long Island.’

Since launching on 23 November 2016 ALIV has made an immediate splash in the Bahamas; former monopolist the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) lost 60,300 subscribers in 2017, ceding 27.6% of the market to the newcomer by year-end. Further subscriber losses are anticipated as ALIV continues its rollout.

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