Telia, Intel and Ericsson demonstrate 5G capabilities

14 Mar 2018

Telia Sweden, Intel and Ericsson have displayed how 5G capabilities such as low latency and high data rates, combined with augmented reality (AR), can enable new and innovative real-time applications and services at a Telia event in Stockholm. The live demonstration on Telia’s network used Ericsson’s 5G trial system and base technology along with Intel’s 5G mobile trial platform. Per Narvinger, Head of Ericsson Northern and Central Europe, said: ‘This is another important step in our continued 5G collaboration with Telia. From deploying the first public 5G live network use cases in Europe in September 2017 to showing concrete 5G-enabled augmented reality use cases today. We will sustain this momentum until 5G becomes a fact for enterprises and consumers.’

In September 2017 Telia, in partnership with Ericsson and Intel, deployed what was claimed to be ‘the first public 5G live network use cases in Europe.’ The showcase included a high-speed 5G connection to a commercial passenger cruise ship delivering internet connectivity to the ship and its passengers while in port, and an industrial business case featuring a construction excavator remotely controlled via a live 5G network.

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