Eastlink mobile expands further into New Brunswick

14 Mar 2018

Privately-held Canadian cableco and mobile operator Eastlink has expanded its commercial LTE network coverage to Saint John in the Atlantic province of New Brunswick, aiming to challenge national operators Bell, Rogers and Telus with its offer to buy out mobile users’ existing contracts. Other key features of Eastlink’s 4G mobile offerings include its ‘easyTab’ monthly tariffs which reduce in cost over time, and its ‘Worry-Free Data’ promise of no unexpected mobile data overage charges.

Eastlink has followed a cautious mobile launch and expansion strategy: having won AWS band wireless spectrum in 2008, it was not until 2013 that its 4G LTE network services debuted in its home province of Nova Scotia, before expanding to Prince Edward Island, Southeast Ontario, Newfoundland and New Brunswick (arriving in Moncton, New Brunswick in 2016). Eastlink indicates that its next New Brunswick mobile launch will be in Fredericton, with eventual expansion to the entire province. The family-owned company’s management disclosed, however, that it has no immediate plans to expand triple-play cable broadband, voice and TV services in New Brunswick – with such a move currently not economically feasible.

Canada, Eastlink