T-Mobile tests Massive MIMO in Prague

9 Mar 2018

T-Mobile Czech Republic, part of the Deutsche Telekom group, has successfully completed a series of Massive MIMO (mMIMO) trials in the capital Prague, as part of the cellco’s research and development into LTE-A Pro and 5G network technologies. Working in partnership with Huawei of China, the mobile network operator (MNO) says it spent part of January and February this year trialling mMIMO – seen as a cornerstone for the development of 5G – in the Petrovice district of Prague, using four base stations. Claiming the largest mMIMO trial in continental Europe to date, the pair said the tests confirmed the technology’s ability to boost data bandwidth and therefore bolster the customer’s mobile data experience. Branimir Maric, T-Mobile director of technology, commented: ‘T-Mobile’s tests will help not only us, but the whole Deutsche Telekom group. Fifth-generation networks will have to guarantee sufficient capacity for every end customer, and we will be ready for this, thanks to the experience of this pilot and the recently announced large-scale investments in fibre-optic networks.’

Czech Republic, Huawei Technologies, T-Mobile Czech Republic