Etisalat Misr and Huawei complete CloudAIR GL15MHz trial

8 Mar 2018

Egyptian mobile network operator (MNO) Etisalat Misr and Chinese vendor Huawei have completed what they claim is the world’s first verification of the CloudAIR GL15MHz spectrum dynamic sharing solution on the former’s 1800MHz network in Cairo. In a press release, the pair noted that the solution enables spectrum dynamic sharing between GSM and LTE with ‘unprecedented’ overlap between the two technologies, increasing both LTE data rate and cell capacity in the 1800MHz spectrum allocation. The pair went on to say that in the trial, the average user throughput had increased by 20% on downlink, while peak throughput reached 92Mbps.

Commenting on the tests, Etisalat Misr’s chief technical officer Khalid Murshed said: ‘Frequency spectrum resources are extremely valuable … Spectrum allocation is static in the traditional refarming solution, which results sometimes to in low utilisation rate. In comparison, CloudAIR GL spectrum sharing supports more efficient spectrum sharing between GSM and LTE. That has helped to boost spectral efficiency and improve the overall experience of 4G users in Cairo. I am very pleased with the favourable results.’

Egypt, Etisalat Misr, Huawei Technologies