BeST foot forward? Government considers sale of shares in mobile operator

28 Feb 2018

The government of the Republic of Belarus is considering selling its 20% stake in the country’s number three mobile network operator (MNO) Belarusian Telecommunications Network (BeST, life:)), Yandex reports. At a meeting on the prospects for the development of the telecommunications services market in the country, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko noted that the state is a minority shareholder – BeST is 80%-owned by Turkish telecoms company Turkcell – in a venture that ‘needs support’, and hinted at selling off its holding. ‘We have more than one company [in the telecoms market], two of which are large and the third, [BeST] which asks for [government] support,’ he explained, going on to say that the government should consider ‘the privatisation of the several percent that are owned by the state’. At the same time, President Lukashenko drew attention to the fact that the privatisation process should proceed in accordance with the local law.

Belarus, Belarusian Telecommunications Network (BeST, life:)), Turkcell