Orange Egypt signs bitstream deal with TE; contracts Openwave Mobility for traffic management solution

21 Feb 2018

Telecom Egypt (TE) has inked an agreement with Orange Egypt to provide the latter with infrastructure and transmission services for a three-year period. In a press release, the fixed line incumbent said the deal had formalised an existing relationship between the two companies in regard to new services offered through TE’s modernised fibre-based infrastructure. In financial terms, The PTO said it was not expecting an immediate impact from the agreement as ‘the new services are replacing old services provided on the copper network’. It did, however, say that the impact would be visible over the medium term ‘given that the pricing of the new services is capacity based’. The pricing of the services is based on the capacity utilised, including a minimum commitment, similar to other transmission agreements that TE has signed with other local operators.

In other Orange-related news, mobile data traffic management solutions provider Openwave Mobility has been selected to provide the operator with its NFV-based Traffic Management solutions, with a view to improving the quality of experience for its cellular subscribers. Commenting on the deal, Orange Egypt’s CTO Hesham Siblini said: ‘It is more important than ever to have the right solutions in place to provide smoother video streaming and improved internet browsing. Our network has seen a major spike in mobile data usage, so we needed a way to handle the different types of traffic. Openwave Mobility’s solution enables us to optimise our live streaming data, regardless of whether it is encrypted or not, which ultimately delivers a seamless experience for our subscribers.’

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