LTC to spend USD50m on enhancing infrastructure in 2018

21 Feb 2018

Lao Telecommunications Company (LTC) is planning to invest USD50 million in 2018 with a view to improving and enhancing its infrastructure, Thai news outlet The Nation reports. It is understood that the operator aims to expand the number of base stations in operation to more than 6,000 – up from 5,711 currently – with 125 of the new sites to be LTE-A-enabled.

Meanwhile, in a separate development LTC director general Thavone Somsakoun was cited as saying that the operator is planning to list in an IPO later this year, while it aims to increase its total subscriber base (mobile/fixed/internet combined) to 3.4 million. With regards to financial targets, the telco is eyeing revenues of LAK1.99 trillion (USD237 million) in FY 2018 and a net profit of LAK409 billion, while it says it will generate around LAK568 billion for the state.

According to Somsakoun, LTC invested a total of USD82.8 million on improvements to its telecoms systems in 2017, with a particular focus on fixed and mobile broadband. With regards to the operator’s existing mobile network, it was noted that it now offers 2G connectivity to 59% of all villages across the country, while LTC’s 3G and 4G networks covered 38% and 10%, respectively. Finally, having introduced LTE-A technology commercially last month under the ‘4.5G’ banner, the higher-speed is said to be available in 5% of provincial capitals.

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