Vodafone CR poised to dip toe in IPTV waters

20 Feb 2018

Vodafone’s Czech arm is reportedly planning to launch an IPTV service in the country by the end of this year. Broadband TV News cites two independent sources from Digizone as saying that Vodafone has launched a tender to find a supplier for the new platform, with expectations that at least five vendors will be interested in fulfilling the brief, such as Beenius.tv or GigaTV (which are used by Vodafone in the German market), Ericsson Media, and Czech company SledovaniTV.cz, which provided the Czech cellco with a mobile solution in 2015. The report adds, however, that nangu.tv (which supplies solutions for O2 TV and T-Mobile TV), Aim and Smart Comp have all opted not to take part.

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