Ukrtelecom reports stable 2017 performance

19 Feb 2018

Ukrainian nationwide fixed network operator Ukrtelecom reports that its total annual revenues for 2017 reached UAH6.654 billion (USD245 million), up 0.3% from UAH6.636 billion in 2016. Of the total revenue, ‘income from telecommunication services’ amounted to UAH5.767 billion in January-December 2017, whilst consumer services revenue stood at UAH3.647 billion, a 1.4% year-on-year increase. Broadband internet revenue continued climbing, reaching UAH1.722 billion, whilst fixed telephony revenue continued decreasing, to UAH3.042 billion. ‘Corporate’ service revenue climbed by 8% to UAH1.314 billion (including corporate internet services and data transmission revenue, which rose by 25.7% and 17.6% respectively).

EBITDA reached a record high of UAH1.867 billion in 2017, up from UAH1.765 billion the previous year, and FY17 net income jumped to UAH867 million, compared to UAH244 million for 2016 (with that year’s low net result blamed on amortisation expenses related to the revaluation of fixed assets). Annual CAPEX amounted to UAH950 million in 2017, similar to 2016’s UAH954 million. Ukrtelecom’s statement on its website added that a further 70 towns and villages were reached by its fixed broadband access network in 2017, taking the coverage total to 2,200 settlements, whilst consumer fibre-to the-building (FTTB) and GPON-based high speed broadband services now reach ‘more than 60’ cities and other settlements.

Ukraine, Ukrtelecom (incl. TriMob)