PTS to award spectrum for 5G use in 2019

19 Feb 2018

The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (Post & Telestyrelsen, PTS) has opened a public consultation on its plans to allocate spectrum in the 3.4GHz-3.8GHz and 26.5GHz-27.5GHz bands for 5G services from 2020, with comments invited until 14 March 2018. In so doing, the regulator noted that while some of the spectrum is currently free, other blocks are being used at present for wireless broadband services. Regarding the 3.5GHz-3.8GHz band, the PTS is planning to award frequencies in two types of areas: in predefined geographical areas with high population density and/or high demand, allocation is proposed through a selection procedure, while in smaller geographical areas outside the predefined areas, allocation is proposed without a selection procedure. In the smaller areas outside the predefined regions the regulator will also award spectrum in the 3.4GHz-3.5GHz band, without a selection procedure. Further, the PTS is planning to award the 26.5GHz-27.5GHz band without a selection procedure in smaller areas; the frequencies in this band will be assigned later, when the technical specifications of the 5G standard have been established. The PTS expects that the spectrum distribution will take place in 2019, although the permits are expected to enter into force at different times.