Vodafone deploys first 4G mini mobile mast in Cornwall

13 Feb 2018

Vodafone UK claims to have achieved ‘an industry first’ following its successful trial of a new 4G mini mobile mast in the village of Porthcurno on the southern Cornish coast. According to the mobile network operator (MNO), the mini mast will provide customers in that area with 4G mobile data speeds of more than 200Mbps, as well as delivering a stronger voice signal.

Developed in partnership with infrastructure technology company, CommScope, the mini mast is reportedly just eight metres in height when extended to its tallest point – making it around half the height of the shortest standard mast – and can be painted to blend in with its environment, while it does not require a large technology cabinet to house the power supply and electronics. Further, Vodafone notes that the mini masts are also much quicker to install, taking around six months to become fully operational, a timeframe it claims is approximately a third of the time it takes to install a standard mast.

Commenting on the matter, Vodafone UK’s Chief Technology Officer Scott Petty said: ‘We’re working hard to connect customers across the UK and our new mini mast will help provide 4G in places where other networks struggle to reach, while minimising the visual and environmental impact. It forms part of our major investment in our network and services to provide our customers reliable coverage where they live, work and travel.’

United Kingdom, Vodafone UK