Vodafone completes first phase of cable upgrade project

13 Feb 2018

Vodafone Germany has announced the completion of the first phase of its cable expansion programme, which will see its entire footprint able to access peak speeds of 1Gbps by the end of 2020. According to the UK-based company, almost all of the 12.7 million households and SMEs connected to its HFC network are now able to access maximum speeds of 200Mbps, while 7.7 million can surf at speeds of 400Mbps and 4.1 million have access to data rates of 500Mbps. ‘We are moving forward and bring top speeds into the country on our data highways to accelerate businesses and individuals on the way to the gigabit era,’ said Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter.

Meanwhile, Vodafone’s competitor Telekom Deutschland has expanded its VDSL vectoring network to a further 309,000 households, enabling customers in 302 cities and communities to access maximum download speeds of 100Mbps. The speed increases were made possible through the operator’s IP conversion and the rollout of vectoring technology, which has also enabled upload speeds of 40Mbps. From the second half of 2018, Telekom will begin deployment of super vectoring to enable bandwidths of up to 250Mbps.

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