EE launches new 'home broadband' product

12 Feb 2018

British mobile network operator (MNO) EE has unveiled a new LTE-based home broadband solution which it claims could bring improved connectivity for some 580,000 homes across the UK which are only able to access broadband at speeds below 10Mbps. In a press release regarding the new solution, EE noted that customer trials in the Northern Fells area of Cumbria had delivered speeds of over 100Mbps. To provide the service, EE’s ‘4G home broadband’ combines the operator’s ‘4GEE Home Router’ with a powerful external antenna and professional installation service. With the new antenna fitted to the side of a customer’s property by EE’s professional installation provider and then connected to the router, EE claims this set-up eliminates any loss of signal due to thick exterior walls, improving both the speed and consistency of the 4GEE Home Router. The antenna, it added, has been designed for use on properties with good outdoor coverage but variable indoor coverage.

Commenting on the matter, Max Taylor, EE’s Manging Director of Marketing, said: ‘As our network continues to expand into some of the most remote parts of the UK, we’ve seen the amazing impact that 4G connectivity can have on rural communities. Our newest 4G home broadband router and antenna takes this one step further, ensuring thousands of families in rural areas across the UK could enjoy the benefits of superfast broadband inside their home for the very first time – whether video-calling the grandparents or streaming their favourite TV series.’

United Kingdom, BT Group (incl. Openreach), EE