Huawei inks GBP3bn procurement deal with the UK

7 Feb 2018

Chinese vendor Huawei Technologies has announced a major new commitment to the UK with the signing of a five-year procurement agreement valued at GBP3 billion (USD4.2 billion). In confirming the deal the vendor noted that this builds on a previous pledge made in 2012 when it said it would invest and procure GBP1.3 billion in the UK between 2013 and 2017. With respect to that period, Huawei now claims to have ‘significantly exceeded’ its target, claiming to have spent more than GBP2 billion in the UK during the five years to end-2017.

With Huawei citing its long term customer partnerships with both BT Group and Vodafone Group, it noted that it now has two joint innovation centres in the UK, one in Ipswich with BT, and one in Newbury with Vodafone. Looking ahead, the Chinese firm says it plans to continue making a significant contribution by exploring vital future technologies, including 5G, with its customers at these centres. Meanwhile, Huawei also claimed that its ongoing cooperation with UK universities has seen its work with more than 20 different universities on over 100 individual research projects over the last five years. In terms of future plans, the vendor said it will continue to grow its investment in R&D and collaborate with UK universities over the next five years, with plans for an expanded range of topics to research and more university partnerships.

United Kingdom, Huawei Technologies