KVF calls for Federal Council to clear path for 5G

1 Feb 2018

The Swiss parliament’s Commission for Transport and Telecommunications (Kommissionen Fur Verkehr Fernmeldewesen, KVF) has called for a revision of the nation’s regulations regarding non-ionising radiation, claiming that the existing rules hinder necessary mobile network expansion works, particularly with regards to 5G. In its statement, the KVF claimed that Switzerland’s wireless networks are ‘on the verge of collapse,’ as the systems are close to reaching the upper limits of their permitted transmission power, but the volume of data being transmitted is roughly doubling each year. Consequently, the KVF says that the implementation of 5G technology will be necessary to cope with the rising demand for data and to continue with the ‘digitisation of the economy and society’. However, the deployment of 5G would require the installation of large numbers of new antenna sites, an option that is not currently available due to the existing regulations. ‘The Federal Council must make every effort to ensure the future of digitisation,’ the KVF argued, adding: ‘Otherwise, there is a risk that Switzerland will lag behind the EU, which has already adopted a 5G Action Plan, which envisages introducing 5G in all countries by 2020.’