Salt, Nokia demo 4.5Gbps broadband on 3.5GHz network

29 Jan 2018

Swiss operator Salt and Nokia have demonstrated 5G 3.5GHz network performance under a temporary licence from the Federal Office of Communications (Ofcom). Salt said in a press release that the 3.5GHz band will be ‘at the core’ of the new radio (5G NR) configuration for the introduction of 5G on its network in 2020. The demo involved a 5G antenna with 8×8 MIMO technology supporting end-to-end applications including: 4.5Gbps mobile data downloads; virtual reality applications showcasing ultra-fast network latency (in the range of 1 millisecond) under ‘real conditions’; and 360-degree live video transmitted from secondary locations, further highlighting the ultra-fast latency and capacity of the 5G network configuration.

Switzerland, Nokia, Salt (Switzerland)