Italian 3.6GHz licensees want spectrum until 2029

26 Jan 2018

Wireless broadband licensees in Italy have requested an extension of their 3.6GHz concessions by six years to end-2029. Regional spectrum licences in the 3400MHz-3600MHz band were awarded in 2007 and are used by Linkem, Tiscali, TIM, GO internet and Mandarin to offer fixed-wireless and TD-LTE services. CorCom reports that regulator Agcom is opening a consultation on a plan which would reduce each operator’s holding from 42MHz to 40MHz; the freed frequencies would be combined with a 74MHz block of spectrum currently held by Italy’s Defence Ministry to create a contiguous 80MHz nationwide block which could be made available for future 5G services. Agcom says fees for the licence extensions should be equivalent to those paid when the 80MHz block is offered at auction.

Italy, GO internet, Linkem, Mandarin, Telecom Italia (TIM), Tiscali