Viva Kuwait upgrades backhaul with ‘Super Dual Band’ Huawei tech

24 Jan 2018

Mobile operator Viva Kuwait, owned by Saudi Telecom Company (STC), has upgraded its backhaul infrastructure with Huawei’s ‘Super Dual Band’ (SDB) microwave solution, the operator reported on its website. The technology was piloted for the 2017 GCC Cup to support stadium Wi-Fi services, Viva also notes. Viva added that it is the first company in Kuwait to deploy the ‘E Band’ SDB solution, ‘in order to expand the capability of existing traditional backhauling systems up to 20Gbps transmission speed’ and to reduce the need for expensive fibre backhaul deployment. The cellco says it will utilise SDB to increase the reliability of its 4G mobile network performance via long-distance and large-bandwidth microwave links, ensuring optimal point-to-point backhaul transmission.