T-Mobile US closes Layer3 TV takeover

24 Jan 2018

T-Mobile US has completed its acquisition of Denver-based ‘television innovator’ Layer3 TV, after inking a takeover agreement in December last year. Going forward, T-Mobile plans to launch its own ‘disruptive’ new TV service later this year, in a bid to challenge the legacy cable and satellite TV distribution model. John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile, commented: ‘We know people love their TV, but hate their TV providers … I can’t wait to take the fight to Big Cable and satellite TV on behalf of consumers everywhere!’

Layer3 TV was founded in 2013 by cable veterans Jeff Binder – who has joined T-Mobile as an executive vice president – and Dave Fellows. In March 2017, the self-styled ‘next generation cable provider’ surprised industry observers when it claimed that its TV network passed 13 million homes – a figure which would technically make it one of the United States’ top five largest cablecos by footprint. The cableco has a confirmed presence in just five US cities, including Chicago, Washington DC and Los Angeles.

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