ANCOM proposes lowering number portability tariffs

24 Jan 2018

The National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) has launched a public consultation, in which it proposes lowering the cost of tariffs that the supplier owes to the donor provider for each ported fixed or mobile phone number. ANCOM suggests reducing the tariff for each fixed number ported from EUR7.80 (USD9.57) to EUR4.40, a decrease of 44%, while the regulator also proposes dropping the tariff for each mobile number ported by 66%, from a current EUR5.60 to EUR1.90. ANCOM believes that reducing these costs could stimulate operators to launch more attractive offers for their customers, gain new users and also keep existing subscribers. Interested parties are to make their views known to ANCOM by 22 February when the public consultation will close.