New Zealand resumes backhaul study

19 Jan 2018

New Zealand’s Commerce Commission has restarted its study of domestic backhaul services. The process was begun in August 2016 but suspended in February 2017 while the government carried out a review of the Telecommunications Act. With the Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment Bill now before a parliamentary select committee, the Commission says it believes it is an appropriate time to restart the study.

Telecommunications Commissioner Stephen Gale said: ‘We see backhaul as critical to ensuring New Zealanders can benefit from effective access to comprehensive broadband services, especially with the rollout of Ultra-fast Fibre Broadband (UFB).’ He added: ‘The submissions we have already received have helped us to better understand the market. We intend to gather further information on a range of matters raised in submissions. This information will help us decide where to focus the remainder of the study.’