MegaCom wins 1800MHz licence tender

19 Jan 2018

Kyrgyzstan’s telecoms regulator, the National Communications Agency (a.k.a. the State Communications Agency), confirms on its website that state-owned mobile operator MegaCom (registered as Alfa Telecom) was the winner of a licence tender for the 1800MHz frequency band conducted in December. MegaCom beat rival Sky Mobile (Beeline) – the only other company to enter a valid bid – and has been awarded a 2×10MHz concession, augmenting its existing active spectrum in the 1800MHz band which it uses for 2G/4G services, TeleGeography notes.

The regulator disclosed that MegaCom’s winning bid for the 1800MHz licence was KGS431.03 million (USD6.21 million), more than double the starting price in the auction of KGS205.25 million.