Arcep to start issuing temporary authorisations for 5G trials

18 Jan 2018

French telecoms regulator Arcep is planning to award temporary authorisations for spectrum in the 3400MHz-3800MHz and 26GHz bands for 5G trials. The regulator says that the decision was taken to ‘allow all of the players along the 5G value chain to explore use cases and the challenges of this new generation’. These 5G trials will allow the regulator to obtain the first feedback on the use of next generation networks, with any information it receives expected to help fuel the work that Arcep is doing to prepare for the allocation procedure for future 5G licences. In the 3400MHz-3800MHz band, frequencies are already available in the metropolitan areas of Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes, Lille, Le Havre, Saint-Etienne, Douai, Montpellier and Grenoble. Interested parties are invited to contact Arcep if they plan on deploying networks in other frequency ranges, or in other geographical locations.

France, Arcep