Poland launches second 450MHz licence consultation

17 Jan 2018

Poland’s Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) has initiated a second stage of consultation regarding the future of a 2×5MHz package of spectrum in the 450MHz band, which it says would be suitable for 2G, 3G or 4G services. The spectrum, originally held by Orange Polska but returned early last year, has previously been linked with three potential bidders: Orange, T-Mobile Poland and P4/Play. Orange had been using the frequencies for CDMA fixed-wireless services, but refused to pay the government’s renewal fee of PLN115.5 million (USD33.5 million), opting instead to close down its CDMA network which had been used mainly by customers in rural areas and by inshore fishing vessels.

UKE says that the spectrum (452.5MHz-457.5MHz paired with 462.5MHz-467.5MHz) will be valid until May 2033, though a 2×0.5MHz portion (457.0MHz-457.5MHz/467.0MHz-467.5MHz) will not be available immediately in 14 regions, with the full 2×5MHz allocation only being freed nationwide from February 2027. The selection of the winning bidder will be based on three criteria: bid amount, financial credibility and its effect on competition.