Subtel drafting measures to simplify changing ISP

9 Jan 2018

Industry watchdog the Department of Telecommunications (Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones, Subtel) is drafting regulations to allow customers to port between broadband and pay-TV companies more easily, Diario Financiero writes. The measures will augment existing number portability rules, which allow subscribers to keep their number when they change their fixed or mobile service provider, as the procedures established by many companies for cancelling broadband or TV services were deemed prohibitive, in some cases requiring customers to go to one of their provider’s retail outlets to request the cancellation. The new rules are expected to simplify the process for users to end their contracts and to create a mechanism for subscribers to more easily switch to another provider. The matter has come to the fore recently due to the growing popularity of bundled packages, including fixed telephony alongside broadband and TV services.

Undersecretary of Telecommunications Rodrigo Ramirez was quoted as saying of the restrictive environment for broadband and TV services last year: ‘We have realised that the issue of portability is resolved in the mobile world but not in the fixed one. When a person is not satisified with a service, it is hard for them to change. The exit is quite cumbersome because the companies ask for a series of conditions to the users that discourage the fixed world from living the experience of portability.’