Italian government renews calls for TIM split

9 Jan 2018

Italy’s Economic Development Minister has renewed calls for the country’s incumbent operator Telecom Italia (TIM) to spin off its network operations. Carlo Calenda is quoted by Bloomberg as saying: ‘My opinion is very clear: I think that we should have two legal entities – separated – [in] the market. I think that they are considering this.’ The authorities are keen to see the retail-wholesale split to protect network assets which are considered strategic after French firm Vivendi became TIM’s majority shareholder with a 24% stake.

Calenda also said that a fine that TIM may have to pay could be reduced if the company ‘accepts all the demands’ made of it. TIM and Vivendi are facing a penalty equivalent to 1% of annual turnover for failing to notify Italian authorities that Vivendi had assumed effective control at the telco.

Italy, Telecom Italia (TIM)