CITC to investigate mobile data tariff hikes

8 Jan 2018

Saudi Arabia’s Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) is launching an investigation into the country’s new mobile data tariffs, after the country’s main mobile providers hiked prices by 50% in line with the 1 January 2018 application of VAT. Adel Abu Haimed, spokesperson for the CITC, told Arab News: ‘The CITC is launching an urgent investigation in light of complaints raised by users about the possibility of non-competitive practices and the monopoly in price fixing by some service providers … The CITC affirms that in regulating the telecommunications market, it intervenes in cases of price fixing schemes coordinated by service providers at a given time. Any infringing practices will be dealt promptly and strictly.’ The official added that the Commission will issue a statement after the completion of the investigation and the subsequent decisions taken.

Saudi Arabia, Communications and IT Commission (CITC)