Airtel Zambia officially launches 4G in Lusaka

19 Dec 2017

Having initially introduced 4G services in the Copperbelt in October 2017, Airtel Zambia has now announced the ‘official’ launch of its LTE network in the nation’s capital, Lusaka. The network upgrade in the city was actually completed at the tail-end of last month, it confirmed, and Airtel is now advertising the 4G network as being fully live in Lusaka, with customers looking to take advantage of the faster speeds offered by the technology simply needing to upgrade their SIM card to do so. Airtel Zambia is now offering 1GB of data free to all those that do upgrade to an LTE-compatible SIM, while it has also revamped its entire range of data bundles to coincide with the latest launch announcement. Claiming that its new ‘Chaopena Data’ provide ‘much greater volume benefit compared to what subscribers previously used to get at the same prices’, its plans now start from ZMW3 (USD0.29) for a 60MB allowance (valid for one day), rising to ZMW1,500 for 90-day, 100GB option.

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