AT&T stages ‘Project AirGig’ BPL trials

13 Dec 2017

US telecoms giant AT&T has unveiled a two-pronged trial of its emergent ‘Project AirGig’ broadband over power lines (BPL) technology. The tests are taking place in the US with Georgia Power, and outside the US with an as-yet-unnamed electricity provider. A press statement notes: ‘We hope that one day there will be no need to build new towers or bury new cables in locations close to aerial power lines. Instead, using AirGig patented technology, we would install devices to provide high speed broadband which can be clamped on by trained electrical workers in just a few minutes.’ AT&T expects AirGig to eventually deliver 1Gbps downlink transmission speeds using millimetre wave (mmWave) spectrum.

United States, AT&T