Spark hits 100,000 users on LTE fixed-wireless

12 Dec 2017

New Zealand telco Spark says its LTE-based fixed-wireless broadband solution for home users has now reached 100,000 subscribers. The solution, which was launched in April 2016, accounts for around 15% of Spark’s total broadband customer base. The firm says 43% of its internet subscribers are now connected via fibre or wireless technologies, up from 37% at the end of June 2017, as it continues to migrate users away from traditional copper-based networks.

Meanwhile, Spark says it is beginning trials of a new ‘portable’ broadband solution which will allow customers to use their home internet modem to gain connectivity when on holiday in other areas of the country. Its wireless modems are currently geo-locked, meaning they can only be used at the customer’s home address, but the firm says many customers are keen to be able to access their services when on holiday. Trials are now being conducted with 100 users.

New Zealand, Spark