ComReg confirms it is seeking to levy EUR10m fine on eir

12 Dec 2017

Ireland’s telecoms regulator the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) is reportedly looking to impose a ‘record’ fine on eir over the telco’s alleged failure to comply with obligations to allow rival providers access to its network. According to the Irish Times, the watchdog is seeking to levy an EUR9.6 million (USD11.3 million) penalty, with this figure having been made public as ComReg gave notice of its intention to join legal proceedings between eir and the government.

Previously, and with a view to blocking the regulator from imposing any fine, in October 2017 eir launched a countersuit against the government, claiming that EU regulations have been incorrectly applied, and arguing that ComReg has overstepped its remit in trying to impose civil sanctions on it. For its part, the watchdog had been seeking a declaration of non-compliance from the High Court against eir for regulatory breaches dating back to 2011. However, last month Judge Robert Haughton determined that the telco had legitimate grounds in bringing its case against the state. In the wake of that latter development, in a statement issued this week ComReg confirmed it had successfully applied to join the ‘access regulations proceedings’ between eir and the government, while adding that it was keen to have the case listed in the fast-track commercial division of the High Court.