Samsung, KDDI achieve 1.7Gbps speeds in 5G train trials

5 Dec 2017

In a press release, Samsung says that – working with Japanese telecommunications operator KDDI (au) – it demonstrated the potential data transfer speeds afforded by 5G, with a network trial from a moving train achieving peak transfer speeds of 1.7Gbps. The vendor notes that the trial was held in the city of Saitama, with the train travelling approximately 1.5km between two stations at speeds designed to simulate typical road speeds for cars (i.e. 100km/h). Samsung deployed its pre-commercial 5G end-to-end solution for the test, including a 5G-enabled customer premises router, radio access unit, virtualised RAN and virtualised core. The pair confirmed they carried out tests of consumer level use-case scenarios, including downloading 8K videos, and uploading 4K videos from a mobile device.

‘5G technology is still on schedule to be deployed by 2019, with companies working to figure out the best way to get it out in the field. Initial consumer focused trials are set to begin next year in some countries as well,’ the press release reads.

Japan, KDDI (au), Samsung