BTRC to award LTE licences on 14 February

5 Dec 2017

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has invited bids from existing mobile operators in Bangladesh for the award of spectrum in the 900MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz bands for 2G/3G/4G LTE services. The regulator said that the auction will also be open for new entrants, subject to a successful primary evaluation of their offers. In the event – scheduled to be held on 13 February – the BTRC is planning to issue the following technology-neutral spectrum:

• five paired blocks (2×5MHz) of 2100MHz spectrum: 1920MHz-1925MHz/2110MHz-2115MHz, 1925MHz-1930MHz/2115MHz-2120MHz, 1830MHz-1935MHz/2120MHz-2125MHz, 1970MHz-1975MHz/2160MHz-2165MHz, 1975MHz-1980MHz/2165MHz-2170MHz

• four paired blocks in the 1800MHz band: 2×5.6MHz (1762MHz-1767.6MHz/1857MHz-1862.6MHz), two 2×5MHz blocks (1767.6MHz-1772.6MHz/1862.6MHz-1867.6MHz and 1777.6MHz-1782.6MHz/1872.6MHz-1877.6MHz) and 2×2.4MHz (1782.6MHz-1785MHz/1877.6MHz-1880MHz)

• two paired blocks (2×1.8MHz and 2×1.6MHz) in the 900MHz range.

According to the BTRC, all interested parties need to submit their bids by 14 January, with the commission planning to publish a list of qualified bidders on 25 January; the winning applicants will be notified on 14 February. Going forward, the BTRC will rearrange the awarded spectrum in the three bands after the auction, in order to ensure that operators have continuous assignments.