ARPCE launches new SIM registration campaign

5 Dec 2017

A new campaign seeking to identify mobile subscribers in the Republic of the Congo has been launched by the Agence de Regulation des Postes et Communications (ARPCE), Agence Ecofin reports. The development comes amid suggestions that the number of SIM cards in the country that are being used fraudulently remains high, with ARPCE director general Yves Castanou cited as saying that some half a dozen illegal networks have been shut down this year alone. With the executive having also sought to remind local cellcos of their obligation to make sure that identification process for subscribes are correctly followed, the authorities have indicated that action could be taken against any company deemed to not have met their obligations.

As noted in TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, in May 2010 Decree No.2010-554 introduced a requirement for mobile operators in the Republic of the Congo to register all subscribers from 1 January 2011, a move the state argued would help fight crime and terrorism. At the start of October 2011 the ARPCE announced the closure of a campaign aimed at registering mobile subscriber data, with 92% of customers said to have handed over their details by 30 September 2011, up from the 82% three months earlier. All cellcos were given seven days to integrate subscriber data into their respective databases, while from 7 October 2011 those customers that had not provided their details were no longer be able to make outgoing calls, before access was completely suspended on 21 October.