Nokia and EneCom team up to deploy technology across Japan

29 Nov 2017

Equipment maker Nokia and Japan’s Energia Communications (EneCom) have agreed to work together on the deployment of technology across the country. Nokia claims it is currently the only vendor offering Japanese service providers a smooth migration from Japan-specific VDSL technology platforms to, which uses existing copper last-mile infrastructure and will allow EneCom to offer ultra-high broadband speed of up to 1Gbps in the medium-term. Further, will allow the cableco to launch high-bandwidth consuming applications, such as 8K television service, and pave the way for the future deployment of XG-FAST, which can provide speeds of up to 10Gbps.

In a press release, Nokia noted that – given that VDSL in Japan will ultimately be superseded – Japanese operators ‘must be prepared to continue providing broadband services for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs). Nokia is the only vendor providing interoperability between equipment and the Japan-specific VDSL technology. The successful joint interoperability test in EneCom’s network last month means Nokia’s solution can ensure a smooth and economical migration of service providers’ networks to the ultra-high-speed broadband provided by’