Passive broadband infrastructure bill passed by MPs, includes mobile sites

23 Nov 2017

The Netherlands’ House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) has passed a bill on passive broadband infrastructure to amend the Telecommunications Act in line with European regulatory directives, mandating all owners/administrators of networks and related infrastructure to comply with reasonable requests for shared access and/or coordinated network deployment, and to share information about their infrastructure, with the aim of accelerating broadband rollouts nationwide. The ‘Wibon’ bill – submitted by the Ministries of Economy and Infrastructure in June – governs access to passive infrastructure such as ducts, manholes and conduits, as well as suitable sites for mobile antennae, and will replace the existing ‘Wion’ regulations which mandated information sharing solely for owners of underground infrastructure. In addition, the Wibon amendments strengthen obligations to remove unused cables, as well as bolstering telecoms regulator ACM’s role in handling disputes on passive infrastructure access requests.

Netherlands, Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM)