Our Telekom to work with SES Networks to aid Solomon Islands’ 4G LTE rollout

20 Nov 2017

Solomon Telekom Company (Our Telekom) is reportedly boosting its capacity with SES Networks to support the launch of its upcoming 4G LTE network across the islands. Claiming a first for the archipelago, Our Telekom plans to upgrade ‘fibre-like high throughput capacity’ yet again on the O3b Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite fleet to roll out a suite of 4G LTE services for consumers and businesses this year, to meet its customers’ pent up demand for data. Further, the government also stands to be a beneficiary of the capacity expansion, as the SES capacity upgrade will support the transport of high speed broadband for critical services in the capital, Honiara. Our Telekom has used SES Networks for its primary off-island connectivity since 2015. Since then, it has upped its bandwidth capacity by 376% to meet demand.

Commenting on the latest service upgrade, Loyley Ngira, CEO at Our Telekom, said: ‘The broadband connectivity enabled by SES Networks on the low latency O3b MEO constellation has had a profound and transformative impact throughout the country. Our customers, whether residents, businesses, universities or government, have readily embraced Our Telekom’s connectivity services. This significant capacity upgrade with SES will be instrumental for our 4G LTE network rollout, to provide even faster, dramatically improved connectivity across the Islands.’

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