ICASA to extend data bundle validity to three years

20 Nov 2017

South Africa’s telecoms regulator the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has amended its draft proposals on data bundle expiry periods, with the new document stating that all pre-paid bundles will have a minimum validity of three years. In August 2017 the regulator proposed that data bundles should come with tiered expiry periods – the larger the bundle, the longer validity it would have. Under the original proposal, data bundles with up to 50MB of allowance were to have ten days’ validity; 50MB-500MB (30 days); 500MB-1GB (60 days); 1GB-5GB (180 days); 10GB-20GB (twelve months) and 20GB and more (24 months). All interested parties are now invited to submit their comments until 3 January 2018, with the final regulation scheduled to be approved by 31 March 2018.