Vodafone Fiji launches Pre5G trials

16 Nov 2017

Mobile network operator (MNO) Vodafone Fiji today launched a series of Pre5G trials in the country as part of its evolution toward offering users new generation wireless services. The MNO’s deputy chairman Russell Hewitt told journalists that the trials are being carried out in partnership with ZTE of China and aim to boost peak download speeds to 1Gbps, and allow for the introduction of new technologies such as 4K video and augmented reality. Vodafone Fiji CEO Andrew Kumar, meanwhile, added that upon completion of the trials – and assuming they are a success and the supporting technology is in place – it will aim to make the Pre5G network commercially available, telling Fijivillage that he expects this to happen by mid-2018. ‘This demonstration is the first in the Pacific, and a huge stepping stone in technology evolution towards 5G as we eagerly await the advances that we can take advantage of when fully deployed,’ Mr Hewitt said.

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