EE achieves 2.8Gbps downlink speeds in end-to-end 5G test

16 Nov 2017

British mobile network operator (MNO) EE, which is part of BT Group, has demonstrated 2.8Gbps download speeds across an end-to-end 5G test network in its UK mobile lab, having carried out what it called a ‘breakthrough test’ in partnership with Huawei. In the trial, the cellco said it had linked a fully virtualised 5G core network to 100MHz of 3.5GHz test spectrum via a 64×64 Massive MIMO active antenna unit provided by the Chinese vendor. It noted that the consistent 2.8Gbps speeds and sub 5ms latency had been delivered end-to-end, rather than just across the air interface.

Commenting on the development, Tom Bennett, EE Director of Network Services & Devices, said: ‘We’re using our experience in cutting edge 4G technologies and our dedicated partnership approach to ensure technology leadership in 5G. The network architecture we’ve proven today is a huge step forward, and will drive our ambitious rollout timetable to be first for 5G.’

United Kingdom, BT Group (incl. Openreach), EE, Huawei Technologies