RCS&RDS recruits Ericsson to drive 5G, IoT network plans

15 Nov 2017

Swedish equipment vendor Ericsson has announced that it has joined forces with Romania’s RCS&RDS (Digi) to launch enhanced mobile broadband services across its Digi Mobil network. Ericsson say that the agreement between the two companies will pave the way for Digi Mobil’s introduction of IoT and 5G services in Romania. Ericsson will deploy the latest 5G-enabled Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT)-ready radio equipment across Digi’s network, initially focusing on deployment in Bucharest, set to begin in December 2017.

Arun Bansal, Senior Vice-President and Head of Europe and Latin America at Ericsson commented: ‘This partnership represents a great step for Romania towards 5G and the IoT, taking the mobile broadband experience of subscribers to a new level. In addition, our leading solutions will allow RCS&RDS to explore new revenue opportunities, to further extend its business as it evolves to 5G.’

Romania, Ericsson, RCS&RDS (DIGI)