VEON Armenia completes widescale mobile network upgrade

13 Nov 2017

Armenian fixed and mobile services provider VEON Armenia (Beeline) has successfully completed the large-scale mobile network modernisation programme it first announced earlier this year. In a press release, VEON Armenia stated that in terms of the magnitude of the project, the network modernisation marks the single largest investment undertaken in the country since the inception of the Beeline brand. Under the upgrade, the telco has successfully upgraded the equipment at all base transceiver stations (BTS) across the country, having simultaneously multiplied the capacity and coverage of its mobile networks.

Specifically, VEON Armenia says it has increased its 4G operational footprint, which is now available in 14 new cities, while in the capital Yerevan its coverage has increased by 30%. Overall 4G LTE data transfer rates have been boosted to around 60Mbps, while in terms of its 3G Beeline network, VEON Armenia says it now covers more than 82% of the population, and its 2G network covers a record 98.6% of Armenians.

VEON Armenia (Beeline) CEO Andrei Pyatakhin said: ‘It is with great pleasure that I announce the successful completion of the Beeline mobile network modernisation project across Armenia. We had an ambitious task – a whole country and hundreds of thousands of customers. For each of them our services have now become more modern, faster, better, and we will continue to work to make them even easier and more convenient.’