First phase of Taiwan’s 1800MHz/2100MHz spectrum sale ends with four winning bidders

8 Nov 2017

Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC) has revealed that four operators submitted successful bids for new mobile spectrum in the first round of its auction for frequencies in the 1800MHz and 2100MHz bands. Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, Far EasTone (FET) and Taiwan Star all secured spectrum at the auction, with only one bidder – Asia Pacific Telecom – walking away empty-handed. Chunghwa bagged the largest amount of frequencies, and was the only company to acquire 1800MHz spectrum, claiming a 2×5MHz block in the latter band for TWD2.23 billion (USD73.9 million), as well as four 2×5 blocks in the 2100MHz band for a total of TWD8.67 billion. In doing so, it was the only company to reach the 2×25MHz cap that the NCC had said would apply across both bands combined. Meanwhile, Taiwan Mobile was the only other mobile network operator (MNO) to reach the cap for 2100MHz frequencies, having agreed to pay TWD8.60 billion for its four 2×5MHz blocks in the band, while FET bid a total of TWD6.51 billion for three 2×5MHz blocks. Rounding out the winning bidders, Taiwan Star secured just a single 2×5MHz block in the 2100MHz band for a total of TWD2.22 billion.

In terms of the next steps, the NCC has confirmed that the second auction phase, during which participants will bid for specific spectrum assignments in accordance with the number of the blocks that they won in the first round, will get underway on 15 November.