UPC acquires networks in Genthod and Mellingen

7 Nov 2017

Cableco UPC Switzerland has announced that it has completed the takeover of the cable network in the municipality of Mellingen and the fibre-optic network in the municipality of Genthod in two separate transactions. UPC operated both networks prior to the acquisitions, whilst a large part of the network infrastructure in Mellingen was already owned by the cableco. The Mellingen system serves a total of 300 residents, whilst the network in Genthod caters to around 150 active customers.

Commenting on the handover, Beat Deubelbeiss, municipal secretary of Mellingen, was quoted as saying: ‘We want to continue to meet the challenges and demands posed by digitisation in the future but that is only possible with the corresponding know-how, adequate power and the will to innovate. After a long and successful partnership, we are certain that we are taking the right step towards securing these factors by handing over our network to UPC.’ A similar statement from Genthod municipality president Wolfgang Honegger echoed the official’s message.

Switzerland, Sunrise (formerly Sunrise UPC)