MTS Belarus lights up 4G in 19 new towns and settlements

17 Oct 2017

In a press release, MTS Belarus has announced the latest areas to get access to its 4G services are 19 towns and villages in the Minsk and Vitebsk regions. The cellco’s 4G service is hosted by the country’s infrastructure provider Belarusian Cloud Technologies (beCloud) and together, the pair are looking to double the number of 4G users on MTS’s books to two million subscribers as a result of an ongoing expansion drive that earlier this month saw the installation of 25 new 4G LTE base transceiver stations (BTS) in the capital Minsk, and in the wider Minsk region. Now, the operator has added BTS in Minsk region (covering Vileika, Gatovo, Zhodino, Zabolotye, Nesvizh, Svietly Sliach, Sloboda, Slutsk and Hatezhino), and in Vitebsk (Beshenkovichi, Glubokoe, Dokshitsy, Tolochin, Miory, Rossony, Senno, Ushachi, Shumilino and Chashniki). Today, MTS Belarus is using more than 200 beCloud BTS in the capital and more than 700 across the country, it says. Work will continue, meanwhile, with a view to switching on 4G services in 30 new cities and towns by the end of the year.