Google to deploy Project Loon balloons to help Puerto Rico

9 Oct 2017

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted an experimental licence for Project Loon, which is backed by Google parent company Alphabet, to help provide emergency cellular services in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, where millions of residents are still lacking communications services following the devastating Category 5 storm Hurricane Maria.

Project Loon utilises a network of balloons that provides broadband connectivity to users on the ground. Now that the Special Temporary Authority (STA) has been approved, Project Loon will attempt to initiate service in Puerto Rico. As such, Project Loon has obtained consent agreements to use land mobile radio (LMR) radio spectrum in the 900MHz band from existing carriers operating within Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands (U.S.), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Google (Alphabet), Project Loon